Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC for multiple projects

KYC must be performed in the context of each project's company (or owner of the token, referred as Partner from now) and each buyer (user). Therefore, this must be done separately for every single project as some decisions (such as manual verification or denial of users) must be done by the Partner for legal reasons. As a result, users may have multiple states in different IDOs separately from each other. Before starting the KYC, the user needs to accept the:
  • Privacy Policy of Next Earth Launchpad
  • Privacy Policy of the Project
The Partner needs access to the service dashboard too to be able to make decisions and see user data.
BlockPass provides separate Services for Next Earth Launchpad and provides one service per project. All of them need to set up as Enterprise level Managed Services.

Removal of Profile Level KYC

The KYC section in the Next Earth Profile will be completely removed once the user starts the KYC flow from the project page.
The user data in that Service will then be available only on the BlockPass console dashboard in the future because of legal regulations. Said user data does NOT need to be synced anymore and will NOT be made available to Next Earth.

Manual reviews

Manual reviewer work can be shared among projects via the BlockPass board. From the legal side, Next Earth (Zentol, Codecluster) are data processors, as our contracted staff also counts as data processor partners. PEP and AML handling are done manually, so they will work the same for multiple projects.
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KYC for multiple projects