Next Earth in the Metaverse
Compared to other metaverse platforms, Next Earth offers the largest amount of meaningful territory in the metaverse. We say "meaningful" because each Next Earth land tile is fully mapped to a piece of land on Earth, including its unique topography and natural resources.
This affords users at every level the opportunity to maximize growth, collaboration, and innovation in a way that simply can't be done with a "blank canvas". The value of Land in Next Earth is not theoretical. Instead, it's directly tied to the value of physical land and then expanded through the power of blockchain integration and gamification.
And ultimately, Next Earth focuses on collaborating with other metaverses, not crowding them out. We welcome and encourage interoperability with a wide range of metaverse applications through the Limitless platform, because we truly believe in the crypto philosophy of We're All Gonna Make It (WAGMI). Monopolistic practices and exclusionary tactics can stay in the old world. At Next Earth, we're seizing the opportunity to build the largest, most open, and most equitable virtual economy in the metaverse.
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