The traditional model says business first, philanthropy second.
But with decentralized blockchain technology, we saw the opportunity to do something better.
At Next Earth, business IS philanthropy. They've been intricately linked from the beginning to make sure each one supports the other at every step.
To begin with, every Next Earth transaction includes a 10% donation to our chosen environmental charities. And as Next Earth evolves into a DAO, the same funds that currently go into our launch strategy and infrastructure will eventually go into the charity pool as well.
What does this mean for users and businesses on the Next Earth platform? It means they'll always experience top of the line service and functionality from our platform while the platform itself morphs into a charitable DAO. The charitable fund will NEVER interfere with the profits of businesses and investors operating on Next Earth. Because again, business IS philanthropy. The more businesses thrive and expand their profits on Next Earth, the more the platform as a whole grows and gets to contribute -- and every user at every level can share in the reputational benefit of helping to heal the Earth.
And, of course, we chose to focus on environmental charities due to widespread concern that blockchain technology is harming the Earth's environment. Are there harmful side effects involved with this technology? Yes. Frankly, we think it's reckless and irresponsible to pretend otherwise.
But we also believe the metaverse generates more than enough value to counteract those harmful side effects. We can use the truly limitless abundance of the metaverse to create profitable businesses AND fund the work necessary to heal our planet. We don't need to choose one or the other. We can choose both because each one supports the other.
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