Our Ambassadors will be our eyes and ears on the global market. Next Earth and our mission of rebuilding the unit economics of the internet as a prerequisite for creating the Metaverse works like an underground movement. Next Earth Ambassadors will be attending and organizing events related to Next Earth, innovation and the Metaverse, spreading the word about the project and recruiting developers and startup entrepreneurs to bring their applications to Next Earth.

These people will have their own portal to monitor all the events globally as we’ll be sourcing them, they can add local events in their own area and discuss topics with other Ambassadors. All events will be shown on the Next Earth Map in the future.

Recruiting developers and bringing existing companies who want to integrate with Next Earth will be rewarded in NXTT, thus creating a source of income for our Ambassadors.

As some Ambassadors will generate more leads, recruit more developers, organize more events, we will be able to set ROI projections to each of them. In the future, we’ll provide a budget and eventually a staff and an office for those who scale up their operations to be a central hub for bringing businesses on Next Earth - this is how we’ll create local offices globally that are all operating as profit centers and essentially this will provide a track for our community members to eventually run their own businesses as a Next Earth Hub, funded by Next Earth.

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