Aniko Sandor Operations Manager

Aniko is an economist, came to IT from a finance background. She joined Next Earth in February 2022 as a Scrum Master. Currently, as operations manager, she keeps on track our external and internal projects, ensuring that our processes run smoothly and that all information gets where it needs to go.

Tamas Nemeth Operations Manager

Blockchain, WEB3 Enthusiast also known as Csirke. During his early years, Tamas was greatly influenced by computers, thanks to which he gained a lot of insight into the Basic and C programming languages, but his main interest was still understanding their operation, not controlling them through the programs. He has chosen the electrotechnical engineer career and completed his studies in 2004. He chose his jobs based on these pieces of knowledge, then founded his company in the same sector, which he had to leave behind when he moved to Belgium. At the end of 2016, he was captivated by Nakamoto's vision, and over the years he gained experience in several areas of blockchain technology and crypto world, like day trading, DEFI, IDO platforms, crypto security. He joined the team in March 2022 and moved back to Hungary. “Don't become a product, own your data!"

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