Terraforming the Web

In the previous Chapters we’ve outlined our grand vision for a new contract between consumers and creators on the internet that will eventually lead to the Metaverse. Through our business development efforts we are planning to onboard large companies and startups to Next Earth that provide a wide range of services from 3D environments through social and gaming activities to financial services and much more. This is the bedrock of how we build the Metaverse: a distributed ecosystem, where through Next Earth Hubs led by Ambassadors slowly transform companies into Next Earth compatible businesses. This is how we terraform Web3 and make it habitable by Next Earth citizens. This is a long game because an entire industry needs to be built from the ground up in a scalable way.

As we launched the Next Earth platform on August 17th, 2021, we embarked on a journey of a decade. Our Event Horizon marks the point in time, when we can start onboarding companies. When we launched NXTT in January, we realized that in order for us to launch new businesses on Next Earth, both us and the companies themselves must invest significant amounts of capital into making the integration happen. It was difficult to connect to our systems and any partnership required incredible amounts of development resources from our own team. We decided that the right strategy is to significantly reduce the cost of launching a new business on Next Earth. The arrival of the Next Earth API reduced this cost by orders of magnitude. Now our focus is to prioritize businesses that will further reduce this cost through their products and services and strengthen the ecosystem, while also enabling any developer to join the ecosystem through a simple API connection.

We can easily see how tech companies, building auxiliary services using Next Earth infrastructure will be the first major group of businesses to arrive on Next Earth. Once we have a distributed and competent ecosystem of libraries, we can expect No Code Solutions to arrive, so anyone without coding experience can also launch their SaaS business on Next Earth. These SaaS companies will disrupt the services industry just as they did in Web2, bringing millions of users and hundreds of thousands if not more service providers.

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