On August 17th, 2021 we launched the Next Earth platform where users could mint virtual land NFTs on a digital replica of the Earth, running on blockchain technology. We promised to bring forth a new Metaverse with a new vision for the future, to create a fair digital life.
As tens of thousands of landowners flocked to the platform, on January 14th, 2022 we published our Whitepaper that showed a glimpse of this future, soon followed by the launch of our native token, NXTT.
Since then we’ve been working on many features of the platform and talked about the evasive Event Horizon that would mark our next major milestone: completed platform development and full reveal of our grand vision.
We are at this point now. After the conclusion of the token launch in January, the team immediately got to work, to build towards this moment. We’ve been talking about things like PaaS and dynamic NFTs but found it hard to communicate effectively without overpromising. In a sense, the bear market came as a blessing, as we could keep focusing on development without distractions. In the meantime we became a much more effective organization, working with dev houses from around the world that could develop parts of our product vision, all coming into one coherent platform by the end of the year.
This document is a new, updated Whitepaper that walks you through our vision of the Metaverse. The original values we voted for in the beginning will be manifested through these innovations and this strategy. To create true digital ownership that gives internet users control and agency over their avatars so that through Web3 technology, we can help you truly become a user of the internet and not be just a product anymore.
This Whitepaper contains a lot of information with technical and economic deep dives. It's not an easy read. Digest it, enjoy it and ask questions in our community if you're stuck.
See you in the Metaverse.