Platform Fees

In our original Whitepaper we published our strategy regarding how the platform will operate, which remained the same. Businesses provide services to users. These services use Next Earth infrastructure, therefore they are subject to a Platform Fee payment .

Platform Fees are paid by developers in fiat by debit or credit card. 70% of the fee paid automatically gets sent to an Oracle that buys NXTT from the market and sends the NXTT to the reward pool (60%) and a token burn address (10%). The rest of the fees (30%) consist of Next Earth's revenue, out of which we dedicate a portion to charity. This Platform Fee payment is then broken down into four segments:

Users can stake their NXTT via our Staking Protocol to earn Stake Rewards as explained later in this Chapter.

This economic structure closes the loop between Next Earth Citizens (landowners) and Businesses who monetize them. This relationship is bidirectional: Businesses can provide their services to non-landowners too, but then through their purchase they inherently become landowners and Next Earth Citizens. This is core to our land sale strategy as most Businesses eventually become a reseller of Virtual Land as well.

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