In order to become the Metaverse of a Million Businesses it’s not enough to just create the assets and the economics structure but we also needed to create the technology that allows a community of developers to build and launch their own applications within the Next Earth Metaverse easily.

Our vision is to launch the Next Earth App Store, where any developer can build their own applications without having to worry about building the fundamental Web3 infrastructure, smart contract allocation system and economy. These applications can range from simple mobile applications, games, financial protocols, SaaS applications and even complicated enterprise solutions. In this sense, Next Earth provides the operating system of the Metaverse, where developers can launch their own apps and monetize them. Through our economy explained in the previous section, landowners then get rewarded for having their lands used by such applications.

Carbon credit verification companies will reward owners of forests. Tourist applications will reward owners of landmarks. Marine tracking solutions will reward owners of ocean tiles and so on. This is how through creating the Metaverse of a Million Businesses, we - as a community - will bring true utility to every single land tile on Next Earth.

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