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David Prais Board Advisor

David became chairman of Funding London in the autumn of 2008 and held that position until January 2015. He has been a non-executive director of the company since its foundation in 2004. David’s management experience lies in building fast-growing companies and aligning strategy and business plans, having been in strategic planning for Gateway and Dell. He works with TV companies and advertising agencies delivering the action plans from strategy to execution. David is co-founder and Managing Director of Pembridge Partnership Ltd. He sits on a number of company boards, including Inc, Blue Goose Design, Itch Ltd, Dene Films and Babel Systems Ltd. David was co-founder and President of which became the largest volume provider of software via the internet, reaching turnover in excess of $20m in the space of three years. David built and saw the company through two rounds of investments and one merger, prior to exiting in 2000. As Global Marketing Director at Gateway Inc, David was responsible for the global marketing strategy, managing $100m in advertising spending to drive over $5bn in sales. Prior to that, David was European Marketing Manager at Dell Computer Corp, where he worked with Michael Dell to develop the European business and global expansion model, including starting the Corporate Marketing model, which has made Dell famous.

Antal Karolyi, PhD Token Engineering Advisor

Tony’s background is in computer simulations of interacting many-particle systems. He converted his PhD in statistical physics to a quantitative analyst role in investment banking. He first built pricing models for exotic interest rate options and later witnessed the credit crisis from a very close proximity as a derivatives trader. Tony has been active in the startup community as a business angel and entrepreneur since 2010. He co-founded Traction Tribe, a tech accelerator and he is founder and first president of the Hungarian Business Angel Network. He joined forces with David Taylor in 2018 for a deep dive in tokenomics. With the startup scene becoming increasingly industrialized he is fascinated by the more radical and bold innovation in the crypto world.

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