The Second Wave

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Metaverse in the last year has been about our development strategy and our roadmap. As explained at the beginning of this document, we took on a contrarian approach against the market when we decided not to build our own 3D environment and turn Next Earth into a video game (as most First Wave Metaverse businesses did both in Web2 and in Web3). Our analysis has proven us right as most of these projects have poured dozens of millions of dollars (billions in some cases) into development and are still struggling to keep their user base engaged even though they have fully operational platforms to use. The reason for this is because they failed to create a streamlined process to onboard businesses with clear, real world use cases that would make joining the Metaverse an ROI positive investment for any business.

So why don’t we build our own solutions? Because even after spending $30B, Meta is still struggling to reach escape velocity due to their centralized nature. Instead, we decided to open up the platform for developers, staying true to our values of decentralization and let them build Apps on NEOS. Our job is to make sure they have every tool they need to launch them successfully including core features such as the Staking Protocol, Marketplace, Launchpad, state of the art technology such as dynamic NFTs and NEOS with the Layer System to make it easy to integrate with. Our ongoing product development will be focusing on making sure that the digital replica of the Earth is as robust and accurate as possible as we archive the planet onto the blockchain.

Now that the development of these features is nearing completion we can shift our focus from product development to business development and create the Second Wave of the Metaverse: based on true digital ownership, decentralization and building the new economic contract between creators and consumers, allowing any developer to launch their own business on Next Earth.

Above is a schematic description of how our distributed business development will work in detail that will end up launching a sea of applications on the NEOS. As a baseline, we’ll work with Next Earth Ambassadors recruited from the community to attend and organize events focused on developers and startups globally. This will be our outreach to them, as we invite them to Next Earth Hackathons where a select group of ideas and problems will be solved within 72 hours and the best teams would receive a prize and an admission to the Next Earth Accelerator program. In the following sections we’ll explain what each of these steps mean in detail with special focus on the Ambassador program, the Accelerator program and the NXTT Grant Funding program.

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