Virtual Land

Next Earth is an NFT-based digital replica of Earth where users can mint, buy, and sell 10x10m tiles of virtual land. This allows them to become citizens of Next Earth and members of the Next Earth economy. Landowners can also meet on our internal Marketplace or trade via OpenSea if they wish to sell or buy pre-owned tiles of NFT land.

Users can log into Next Earth via with or without a wallet and mint any land that is not pre-owned by other users. All Land tiles on Next Earth generate UNITs - an internal, non-tradeable, redeemable currency that is explained in the Economy section of this Chapter. Next Earth uses blockchain technology to handle payments and store the ownership of Lands. The chosen blockchain technology is the Polygon Blockchain because of its advantages over Ethereum (like low gas fees and fast block times), allowing for the best available user experience. The two main parts of the smart contract architecture are the Payment Contract and the NFT Contract.

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