NE Academy

We have acknowledged the fact that education has to be a crucial element of our content strategy. This will be earmarked by generic educational content to Web2 users as well as tutorial videos on the Next Earth ecosystem and features.

More importantly, every Ambassador will have to go through an education program to achieve a Certification of Excellence regarding their understanding of Next Earth, the economy, the technology and the vision. The same applies to Developers, who wish to develop on Next Earth - they will need to prove their understanding of our API suite and our technology to achieve a Certified Next Earth Developer status.

Third party developer companies will also be able to get this status and be listed on the Next Earth platform as companies that can deliver solutions within our ecosystem. Some of our development partner companies have already expressed interest in becoming Certified Next Earth developers. The Academy effort will be spearheaded and supervised by David Taylor.

Next Earth Academy will launch before Christmas 2022.

All of these programs (Academy, Ambassador Program, Grant Funding and the Accelerator) will be available to Next Earth citizens who are at least Tier 5 users.

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