Gábor Rétfalvi Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gabor is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and managing successful businesses in multiple industries. He is the founder and CEO of Exit The Room, the market leader escape room chain with 80+ games in over 20 cities across 5 countries (US, UK, Germany, Hungary, Austria). During Covid, Exit The Room became the global leader in the online escape room segment with a heavy focus on team building. He is also the founder and owner of Alkotas Utca, the leading sip and paint company in Hungary, and Badchicken VR, the number 1 VR multiplayer center in Budapest. He also has an interest in the online retail segment, as he owns and directs a regional beauty and fragrance group containing 9 webshops in 4 countries (Germany, Hungary, Austria and Romania). Gabor is hard working and passionate about bringing every business opportunity to its maximum potential. He was born in 1985, the same year The Goonies came out, and is the proud father of a little girl.

Attila Király Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Attila graduated as a mathematician and later translated that knowledge to his work as a full-stack software engineer. Over the past 16 years, he has developed software for many companies with a variety of technologies (from standard java, .net and frontend frameworks through AI technologies). He has worked for international projects, multinational companies, smaller businesses, and also as a freelancer. Today, he applies his breadth of knowledge and experience to his work as a system designer and architect. As a lifelong learner, Attila has quickly developed a profound understanding of new technologies like blockchain and is happily developing solutions based on the intersection of emerging technology and cutting edge mathematics.

David Taylor Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

David ran his own SaaS company for 5 years prior to jumping into crypto in 2016. He launched the first crypto accelerator in Europe where, as Head of Global Development, he oversaw the selection process involving over 300 crypto projects. As a result, he participated in over $25 million of successful token sales. In 2018 he and his partner co-founded a management consulting firm specializing in deep tokenomics. They worked with over a dozen startups where they created mathematical simulations for designing token economies using bleeding edge concepts in economics, finance, mathematics, and software design. He is currently working on an economic dissertation on the fundamental value of tokens, which challenges many concepts of institutional economics. David is also passionate about environmental topics. As a seasoned keynote speaker, David presented the relationship between blockchain and the environment at conferences such as AREDAY (CO, USA), Caux Forum (Caux, CH) and the United Nations (Bonn, DE).

Krisztian Korbuly Chief Operating Officer

Krisztián is an economist, MBA, with extensive legal studies. He lead, Hungary’s leading real estate portal for 11 years, turning it from an 8-person startup to a small / mid-sized company with 80 employees and 1Bn HUF of revenues. Held lectures at several Hungarian colleges and universities, including the executive MBA at Corvinus. He left the company as CEO and co-owner in 2014. Thereafter he worked with several online companies as an advisor, mentor, expert, CEO, owner and investor. Between 2020-2022 he led the asset management holding company of the archabbey in Pannonhalma, which incorporated the total entrepreneurial portfolio of the archabbey. Within 2 years he restructured the companies, and started them on the way to profitability, made difficult by the restrictions due to COVID. He joined Next Earth in April, 2022, and started the learning curve for crypto and metaverse. Now, as a COO, working hard on creating a well-functioning online crypto company.

Laszlo Gulyas Chief Marketing Officer

Having over 20 years of experience in direct and online sales and 8 years of international digital marketing. He is a sought after sales advisor to many businesses where he helps e-commerce companies scale their revenues through a data-driven approach. He has been following Next Earth since its inception. An avid LEGO fan, father and husband.

Tamas Toth Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Tamas is responsible for driving business efficiency, continuity, and sustainability in the day-to-day operations. He has experience as a finance and operations executive at multiple SaaS and international companies. Besides his financial roles. such as controlling and FP&A functions, he is a financial business partner and passionate about helping the team achieve their strategic goals with an effective decision making process. He is strongly dedicated to bringing innovation to the business and financial ecosystem.

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