Product Development

Peter Levajsics ( Senior Product Lead

Peter works closely with the design and tech teams to investigate and develop ideas into stuff that can actually be coded into reality. After working in web projects as a front-end developer for over a decade, Peter elevated his focus to management and business analysis. In his freetime, Peter loves to hike with his family, compose music, and volunteer for a pet rescue foundation.

Miklos Kekkoi Product Lead

Product manager with over 6 years of experience in SaaS products in various industries (blockchain, e-commerce and website builders). Entrepreneur-spirited, forward thinker who is in love with blockchain technology.

Róbert Gábor Járosi (Dev/Com) Product Lead

Robert is a solution oriented project manager with 14 years experience in application and service operation. He is a true petrolhead, a photographer / videographer and martial arts fan.

Eszter Kiss (Coding Sans) Product Lead

I was in hotel management since 2015 using my BSc degree in economics when Covid-19 came, gladly at the time I was working in a smart hotel, spending nearly half my efforts on it's mobile and web applications. It was an almost no brainer to switch to the IT sector, where I could use my team leading, problem solving and communiation skills. It soon turned out that being part of creating applications could be a life long passion of mine. Other than that cooking, eating and fine contemporary art makes me a happy kiddo

Balazs Boros (Coding Sans) Product Lead

Attila Czudor UX/UI Designer

Attila is a Ux/Ui and Product designer with more than 10 years Graphic Design and Branding experience. He lived and worked in Budapest for 10 years as a designer and in London for 5 years as a UX/UI Designer. Attila is responsible for the user interface and the experience. Works alongside with the team which has been working on great improvements shaping the app easier to use and understand.

Dora Szente UX/UI designer

I have passion for delivering diverse solutions to complex problems and a keen interest in bringing empathy, structure and creativity to business. My guilty pleasure is to quickly understand and structure tangled information, functions, and relationships of given data and then turn them into a digastable format. I just love users, and love to give them awesome experiences. Besides these, I’m a mom of one, who - most of the times - thinks I’m cool.

Dina Sugar ( Business Analyst

She's been working with advertising/digital agencies & a range of clientele from FMCG to Web3 for 9+ years. With skills of UX research, strategy, business analysis & digital project management, she helps you cope with every challenge regarding big picture thinking.

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