Attila Varga Solution Architect, Blockchain Developer

Attila is an AWS Certified Solution Architect with 5 years of experience of developing smart contracts to various smart chains. He has 8 years of experience designing and implementing fintech applications and his smart contract solutions are used to exchange and store millions of dollars worth of coins and NFTs. He is well-known for his stance on vigorous software testing requirements.

Tamas Pinter ( Architect

Tamas is a software architect with 15+ years of experience in developing software. He graduated as a software engineer. Over the past 15+ years, he has worked for many companies with various technologies like .NET, PHP, Node.js, frontend frameworks, and Swift. He also worked in different roles (full-stack developer, developer lead, head of development, and CTO). He highly appreciates teamwork and he is in passion about developing software. He has been in the NextEarth development team since almost the beginning.

Arpad Simon Full-Stack Engineer Arpad is a full stack developer with a 5 years of professional experience and a strong background in JavaScript. He is comfortable with both frontend and backend technologies. Árpád worked on a lot of different projects, like CRM systems and high attendance sites. His main driving force is the perfect end result.

Kristof Horn ( Full-Stack Engineer

Kristof is a full stack developer with 5 years of professional experience and a strong background in JavaScript. Comfortable with both frontend and backend technologies, he particularly enjoys working with server-side tools like Node.js, Express. His passion lies in functional programming, RESTful & GraphQL APIs, Agile, and mastering new challenges. For him, each project is different and is full of challenges, but his main driver is to be the one who finds the best possible solution. Because according to him, there is a best solution for everything. Besides contributing to the creation of a Metaverse, his biggest success so far was the frontend and backend execution of a vehicle mobile application.

György Gergő Simon (Dev/Com) Lead Developer

Patrik Aranyos ( Full-Stack Engineer

David Dolhai (Dev/Com) Full Stack Engineer

Gabor Takacs (Dev/Com) Full Stack Engineer

Karoly Szekely Team Lead / Full Stack Engineer Karesz is a full stack developer since early 2015 with a strong background in JavaScript. His passion for programming comes from game development, where it's a challenge to create a thriving in-game economy. Since he became a Team Lead, he learned the importance of human connections, and the power of teamwork.

Oliver Kaposi (Coding Sans) Full Stack Engineer

Full time wide fella doing full-stack webdev as a side hustle.

Dorina Maraki (Coding Sans) Full Stack Engineer

I have always been fascinated by informatics and technologies. After graduating as a molecular bionics engineer I tried my hand at software development and it had beena great fit. Having been worked with both frontend and backend technologies I am nowa full-stack developer of 2 years of experience.I highly appreciate teamwork and love working together on finding the best possible solutions.

David Pal (Coding Sans) Full Stack Engineer

I am always fascinated by new and developing technologies. In my projects communication is key.

Andras Szaszko (Coding Sans) Full Stack Engineer Andras is a full stack developer with a strong product focus. A task well done should end with a happy end-user. Coming from market research and analytical background, assessing all aspects of a problem is among his strengths.When not coding, he spends his free time rock climbing, or cooking a mean stew.

Renato Golcsa ( Frontend Lead Developer

Tamas Szabo (Dev/Com) Frontend Developer

Tamas is a frontend developer for four years, highly experienced in VueJs. He has two slightly different hobbies, fishing and gaming.

Zoltan Karpati (Dev/Com) Frontend Developer

Zoltan is a creative front-end developer and web designer inspired by modern interactive layouts. He has 5+ years of experience building websites and web applications while he has focused on developing high-end UI and UX. He is obsessed by art, and hiking.

Tibor Takacs ( Backend Lead

Sandor Csoszi ( Backend Developer

Benjamin Jóo (Dev/Com) Backend Developer

Soma Szelpal ( DevOps Engineer

Daniel Gottfried ( Software Tester

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