Business Development

Zsolt Oleg Berta Business Development Director

Enthusiast of blockchain technology and the disruptive value of decentralized applications. Building the bridge between the real world and metaverse. Oleg's vision: the web3 including metaverse, tokenisation of real world assets and decentralizationon changes not only the way how we deal with finance but it changes the business itself, the corporate and political governance and the way of our life. Oleg has 20+ years experience in management, 10+ years in startup field as CEO, investor, mentor. Teacher at Technical University Budapest, speaker on startup, blockchain, real estate conferences (Wolf Summit, CoinAgenda, Brand Festival, PropTech, HFMS etc). Golf and cigar enthusiast, father of 2+2.

Nobert Fesus Business Development Consultant

Norbert is a business process development and operational excellence expert. He spent 10 years as process improvement consultant in several industries from automotive to pharmaceuticals, and has been experienced in different fields from production and supply chain to business processes. He is also a lecturer at some universities. Because of his enthusiasm of web3 and the world of decentralisation, joined Next Earth in August 2022 as a Business Development Consultant in order to take part shape the future.

Lenny Guillemin Head of Community

Also known as "Newlemon", who is originally from France. He previously worked as Sales Engineer and as a Business Developer for France and European energy market for the last decade (Gas & Power Industry). He has been developing companies and setting up successful operations for energy brokers & suppliers for the French & European energy market and worked closely with biggest energy companies like, Total, Gazprom, Engie, etc.. He thinks that humility is the key to success. He discovered the world of crypto few years ago and he wants to continue along this path. "there is a difference between centralized stock market and the general decentralization of companies. I think the central concept of Web3 as a whole idea is decentralization based on blockchain technology that will evolve over time. Decentralization is a core concept of Web3 In many ways, the metaverse is the front-end while Web3 technologies and AI provide the infrastructure and applications."

Damir Hocine Head of Support

Before joining Next Earth's Support Department, Damir "ON!ZUKA", has been involved in the Energy & Tourism sectors focusing on delivering unmatched value to clients and constantly challenging himself to exceed customer expectations.

Aixa Amancay Almada Community Support Representative

Aixa, or "Bogyi", is from Argentina who came to Hungary in search for opportunities after studying an English teaching carrier. She was previously a Customer Service Agent at a Hotel Booking company for some years, and with this experience and wish of helping people, she decided that wanted to learn and help much more with something new and exciting. She joined the team in August 2022, and helping members in the Community and providing them with satisfaction is what motivates her the most as a Support Representative. Her goal is always to make people smile.

Bence Varga Social Media Manager

Bence (known by the community as 'kronos') joined our team as a marketing manager, but his affinity for community management and sales quickly surfaced while he managed the influx of new users. His main area of interest is social media marketing with a strong focus on Reddit and Discord. He's quick to embrace new concepts and his years of experience in gaming and using cryptocurrency platforms do not go unused. His ideas regarding UI, UX and product development complement every branch of the Next Earth team well.

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