Land Pricing

Land tile prices are calculated in a transparent, clearly understandable way that supports the land tiles continuous increase in value, while also allowing users to enter the market for an acceptable time, and still being able to take advantage during the land distribution phase.

For stability reasons, land prices are connected to a fiat currency (USD), so Next Earth token price fluctuations will not affect the valuation of land tiles. This is important for easier calculations, as well as a hedge against token price volatility.

The mathematical functions are described at a high-level below:

As seen above, the equation behind the price calculation is made up of 3 different elements:

  • The amount of first land sold globally on Next Earth. The more land is sold, the higher the price of new land.

  • The amount of first land sold per country. The larger the percentage of the land sold, the higher the new land price will be in that country.

  • Popularity, which is calculated from overall new land purchases in comparison to other countries.

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