Next Earth 2030

You wake up in the morning and connect to the Metaverse. It’s not a VR-only environment but an interlinked group of devices all connected to the same platform where all your data including your identity, your avatar and your different profiles are truly owned and managed by you, enabled by blockchain. All your devices are operating as interconnected group of wallets.

Your mobile phone, your smartwatch, your computer and TV are all connected to applications that run on the Next Earth Metaverse ecosystem. You log into a 3D environment where you can meet up with your friends, access services that are powered by a 3D provider and run on their system.

Every shop you visit, you can visit in this environment. You scout out your daily activities in this digital replica of the world then log out.

If you don’t like what the 3D provider has to offer, you can log into a different one as competition is open and welcome within Next Earth.

You look up your daily quests on Next Earth, run by businesses. You can complete these quests that vary from simply trying out a new product through creating content or even writing some code for a company. You are paid in NXTT for completing such quests. The value of your work is based on your contribution not archaic employment contracts that exploit workers. This is how you generate income.

You check your Next Earth profile to see how your lands are performing as developers are using your lands for their apps. You have your own portfolio of lands generating income from Platform Fees and you have your UNIT balance. You also check your portfolio of NXTT staking that generates further income.

You take part in community events. You’re not bounded by physical locations as you can use VR and AR technology to visit events anywhere in the world, attend conferences or concerts. Since all of these technologies are running on Next Earth infrastructure that you and other landowners are all owners of, your experience is essentially the same as it was with the Internet, but now you also generate revenue through these activities, because you are truly part of the ecosystem.

Then you look at the governance portal to make decisions on how the fate of the Metaverse should go and you vote using your NXTT in decisions about policy, new initiatives, evaluating Ambassadors who are essentially your civic representatives within the Metaverse. You check your local Metaverse Tribunal for disputes where you vote in a similar way, integrated with governance systems, essentially creating a DAO-based direct democracy. It’s 2030 and Next Earth hosts a sea of businesses. Some of these businesses provide 3D environments for users, some are gaming activities while others are simple like e-commerce stores, social technologies or financial services.

You think about how you used to be a powerless product, a pile of data packaged and monetized to oblivion by large corporations. Ever since these companies integrated their back end with Next Earth, their operations started to clear up. Conversations about universal basic income are irrelevant anymore, because you’ve spent the last 3 decades creating enough value to leverage: data. You’re now generating a living wage from just taking part of the ecosystem of value creation.

The fourth pillar of the Metaverse is complete: we finally have equity. Now you turn to the news and see some interesting articles about a research team that claims to have invented what they call programmable matter, that will create virtual reality environments without the need of VR goggles and you start wondering about what the future will look like...

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