Next Earth Ecosystem
The core building block of the Next Earth Ecosystem is the land tile. Each tile is an NFT that can be purchased, sold, staked, and developed as the user sees fit. Most notably, each tile is mapped to a square of land on the original Earth. For obvious reasons, land tiles that contain notable landmarks command higher attention and therefore higher prices than normal.
Remember, however, that the metaverse is not limited by our physical reality. That means ANY land tile could one day hold enormous value as more creators, investors, and businesses embrace the flexibility of digital real estate.
For a more detailed description of Next Earth Land, feel free to jump forward to the "Next Earth Land" section.
While Next Earth currently uses MATIC to carry out transactions, this will soon be completely replaced by NXTT, which is the native token of the Next Earth economy. Why create our own token? Because having a customized, native token will allow us to reach our goal of becoming a fully operational DAO while also expanding our contributions to environmental charities.
For a more detailed description of NXTT, feel free to jump forward to the "NXTT" section.
Speaking of NXTT, one of the core features of the token is staking. By staking your Next Earth NFTs, you allow funds to flow into and out of our Reward Pool, which is governed by a smart contract independent of Next Earth's control. That means you can sleep easy as your staking profits come to you through the most safe, secure, and transparent possible channel.
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Just as no one entity can or should "own" the Earth, we believe the metaverse by definition is open to all of us. Everyone can own a piece of the metaverse and develop it, sell it, or stake it as they please, but nobody gets to own the metaverse itself. Translation: we envision Next Earth as the ultimate platform for metaverse collaboration. We truly believe in WAGMI and aim to create platform for all kinds of metaverse projects to find their footing and thrive.
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A Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a group of people who collaborate through the blockchain to achieve a shared goal -- without the need for figureheads, top-down hierarchies, or any of the rigid governance structures typical of traditional organizations. With Next Earth, our ultimate goal is to evolve into a fully operational DAO so that there are no power-hungry egos or old-world thinking left in the equation.
Instead, the Next Earth DAO will be full focused on growing Next Earth into the most open and equitable ecosystem in the metaverse, where true ownership reigns supreme and everyone has the freedom to create what they want.
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Many have raised valid concerns about the impact of blockchain technology on Earth's environment. At Next Earth, we take those concerns so seriously that have a plan to not only mitigate that damage, but fully reverse it.
Since the very early days of the project we have a heavy environmental charity focus, 10% of each and every new land purchase goes to our charity pool, that's how we've already donated over $1 million to organizations such as Amazon Watch, Kiss the Ground, and See Turtles.
And as Next Earth evolves into a DAO, those charities will receive an even greater share of Next Earth's revenue. So while the businesses that operate in Next Earth can still thrive and create healthy profits, they get the added reputational benefit of being connected to Next Earth and the ongoing effort to heal the Earth.
For a more detailed description of our work in Charity, feel free to jump forward to the "Charity" section.
So what is a "Platform as a Service"? For Next Earth, it's all the components above combined. Land sales generate revenue to support the creation of the DAO, contribute to environmental charities, and even incubate metaverse startups. Those landowners, investors, and businesses then generate value by staking and developing that land, which in turn in creates more interest in Next Earth and more opportunities for newcomers to participate. It's the ultimate WAGMI ecosystem, with Next Earth there to provide infrastructure, support, and security at every step.
For a more detailed description of our Platform as a Service (PaaS), feel free to the "PaaS" section.
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