Fund your Wallet
If you're not registered on any centralised crypto exchanges, you can buy MATIC, the default currency of our platform on Transak with FIAT money. Visit, select Polygon MATIC, then enter your desired amount. After clicking BUY NOW, you'll have to enter the address of your crypto wallet.
If you're not new to the world of centralised crypto exchanges, then select one that offers withdrawals on the Polygon network. The most commonly used centralised exchange is Binance, but you can also choose KuCoin,, Coinex, FTX and many other platforms.
Buy a Polygon network compatible cryptocurrency like MATIC or USDC. Sometimes MATIC withdrawal is down on centralised exchanges; in these cases you can either use the Transak method (described above), simply wait, or buy USDC and swap it for MATIC on a decentralised exchange like Uniswap.
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