Definition of a Project
The following fields describe projects that are open for a token presale:
(U) indicates values that can be updated even after the project went live.
* Indicates fields that are mandatory when the project is created.
  • Title*: a short title for the project (U)
  • Lead: a short overview for the project cad (U)
  • Description: rich text, can include images, videos; built manually for projects; (U)
  • Tokens to distribute (number)*
  • Token short name (such as NXTT)*
  • Timeframes (timestamps in UTC)
    • publication: when the project can be seen publicly on LP*
    • opening times (timestamps)
      • 1..5: separately configurable for tiers
    • closing timestamp (only one, closes timeframe of tier5, claiming starts from here)
  • Prices (1-5*): configurable for all tiers separately in USDC
  • Token purchase limits (1-5*): configurable for all tiers separately in USDC (U); can be zero which means no limit
  • Tier entry conditions (1-5*)
    • min. Locked amount (please use "greater or equal" condition)
    • min. AML score (please use "greater or equal" condition)
  • NXTT conversion rate*: how system should convert NXTT onto USDC value (for example 0.005464 USDC)
  • KYC service ID: every project has its separate KYC service on the BlockPass side
  • Legal docs (separate and different for projects, handled in PDF)
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms and Conditions
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