The Next Earth Launchpad uses tiers to help determine which users can claim which projects. This helps ensure the quality of their participation and allows project owners to reward different users accordingly.
All Launchpad users have a global tier rating based on their All-time Minted Land (AML). AML is calculated by taking the floor rounded value of the sum value of minted lands in USDC. (Minted land values are based on the day of minting, not current values.)

Wallet Oriented Approach

Launchpad projects do not work with actual users per se but their selected Launchpad wallets. This is a common approach in the crypto industry to ensure maximum security and autonomy on both sides.

Tiering logic

There are five possible tiers, and each user can belong to a different tier per-project.
For example, let's say a user makes a significant contribution to Project A but only a minor contribution to Project B. In that case, the user would have a much higher Project A tier than their Project B tier.
For project-specific tiers, each tier is determined by BOTH the user's current AML score and their current NXTT lock up for that project. Therefore, for a user to move up from one tier to the next within a project, they must meet BOTH the minimum AML and the minimum NXTT lock up.
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