Inner and Outer Skins

Inner Skins

All Next Earth Land tiles include a spot for Inner Skins. By default, the default Inner Skin for each Land tile is a top-down aerial image of the corresponding location on Earth.
Additional Inner Skins change the appearance of the NFT. For example, a Land tile that includes a notable landmark can have an Inner Skin that changes its appearance from 2D to 3D.
By nature, each Inner Skin requires custom work from a designer, which creates added value for the NFT itself.

Outer Skins

Outer skins are virtually unlimited in their function. They can include anything from a single photo to a gallery and can even add additional functions to the NFT.
Because they are so flexible, users will need to select and apply their own Outer Skins to each Land tile they own.
However, because they can so drastically alter the function of the tile, Outer Skins are limited to Land class NFTs.

Special Features

Whenever a tile owner applies both an Inner Skin and Outer Skin to their tile, they'll unlock a special bonus function for "completing" the tile. This can include custom scripting on the "back" of the NFT to introduce even more powerful and varied functionality.

Rarity Levels

Both types of Skins have different rarity levels that allow users to keep upgrading them and thus access higher reward bonuses. These rarity levels are: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Most notably, each level of rarity bumps up the unit production rate for that tile.

Creating Skins

Whenever a user wants to create a Skin, the first step is to mint the Skin as an NFT, which will appear in their Inventory.
Then the user can apply the skin to whichever Land tile they choose (assuming it's not restricted by the rules above.) Once a user applies a skin to their Land tile, they can remove it later but will have to downgrade the Skin to a lower level of rarity.
Users can also upgrade Skins at any time by collecting 10 Skins of the same rarity and forging them into the next highest level. This way users with hundreds or thousands of Common Skins can easily forge more valuable Skins and sell them on the Marketplace.