PaaS - How does it work?
Ultimately, Next Earth is an opportunity to build a better economic "game" than the one we are currently playing on Earth.
Because the economy of Earth is plagued by one core problem: the high cost of converting resources from one utility to another.
Take corn for example. Traditionally, corn is a source of food. However, corn can also be converted into ethanol-based fuel, which would allow it to replace notoriously dirty and expensive fossil fuels like petroleum and coal. So given the abundance of corn and relative cleanliness of ethanol, why hasn't it replaced fossil fuels? Simple: it's too expensive.
Not that the conversion process itself is too expensive. Instead, it's the logistics of transporting ethanol-based fuel over long distances that quickly skyrocket the cost. Not to mention the entrenched businesses and governmental bodies that are incentivized to preserve the dominance of fossil fuels.
In Next Earth, all these traditional barriers are gone -- which means resources can more freely swap utilities and support a more dynamic, cooperative, and fair economy.
So what does that look like in practice?

PaaS in Practice

Each business that operates in Next Earth, whether they are a legacy business making the transition or a startup native to the Metaverse, will need to work with us to decide which resources and land attributes are most relevant to their business model.
Then, their developers will be able to access Next Earth land information through a series of APIs.
For example, a crypto mining company might choose a real-world mineable resource like gold or silver to back the value of their token. At that point, any Next Earth tiles that contain those mines become valuable sources of that token, incentivizing users to acquire those tiles or arrange trades with their owners.
Thus, the traditional economy can seamlessly transition into the Metaverse...while also creating limitless opportunities for new economic growth.
Consider, for example, the compounding economy utility of iron. Iron itself can be used as a construction material, but it can also be turned into steel. Steel, in turn, opens up a whole new range of applications unavailable to mere iron.
Next Earth resources will operate the same way. As clever business owners and entrepreneurs find new ways to extract, expand, and combine the value of their resources, entirely new industries will emerge within the Metaverse unbound by the restrictions of the analog world.
Ultimately, with Next Earth as a fully operational PaaS, the only limit to growth will be our own imaginations.
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