Staking in Next Earth
Users will be able to stake the token NXTT to create passive income. To show how that works in practice, here is an overview of the staking process.
As mentioned in an earlier section, each Next Earth Land tile generates at least 1 unit per month. Upgraded tiles can generate units at higher rates. Once a user has enough units available, they can trade them in for a Next Earth staking wallet. These wallets will come in 5 available sizes that each allow for higher monthly APR in exchange for a higher unit cost.
Next Earth will release a finite amount of staking wallets per month on a first come, first served basis. That being said, the number of available wallets and the monthly APR available will both scale based on the size of the community reward pool.
In other words, the more Next Earth grows as a platform, the more wallets we will release and the more users can potentially yield from those wallets.
Furthermore, the maximum amount of NXTT that can be staked per-wallet is determined by how many tiles the wallet owner holds.
For more detailed information on staking, be sure to follow Next Earth on social media and elsewhere for our forthcoming staking article and interactive staking calculator.
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